TSANZ Standards
Accredited Spirometry Training

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We’re committed to mentoring you through a learning journey that helps you acquire the knowledge, skills, competency and certification you need to measure quality spirometry. 

Structured courses

No matter what your experience, we’ve got you covered. Our courses are designed to build your knowledge from the ground up with both self directed and group learning

Expert instuctors

We’re passionate about ensuring our students succeed. That’s why we invest in our instructors, so they can pass on their expertise

Flexible platform

Our learning platform is designed to offer flexibility for you to learn the core concepts at your own pace and in your own time.  If you didn't understand a topic, it is no problem, you can simply go back and learn it again

What's included?

Comprehensive Workbook 

Receive our comprehensive workbook to use during your training and keep referring back to as a future resource 

Learning portal

Access to the online learning portal with videos, practical activities, resources, case studies and quizzes.

Spirometry community

Participate online, share thoughts and ideas, increase connection, get help with your studies


We support you along the learning journey with emails, resources and encouragement 

Practical workshop

Attend a virtual practical workshop and master the use of your spirometer and calibration syringe under the guidance of our spirometry trainers - who are experts in the field of respiratory science

Accredited certificate

Take comfort in the knowledge that your training is QIP accredited against the standards for TSANZ spirometry training, which is the highest standard in Australia


 The workshop was amazing- Sarah was very knowledgeable, and even though it was a lot of learning, it was not death by PowerPoint, which is always a bonus! I have a stronger understanding with spirometry and being able to read the graphs is going to help me excel at my work.
Just keep doing what you are doing, it is fantastic and I get great value from this, my spirometry is almost, haha flawless because of my confidence after having attended Sarah's initial and refresher workshops, and fabulous reference material, and the calm relaxed manner in the way it is all delivered. thank you so much SARAH!
It was a very professional and well organised workshop. One of the best trainings I've been to. Spirometry has the potential to be a dry subject but Sarah brought it to life. You could see how passionate she was about it and she had a talent for simplifying complex subject matter and making it super interesting!
Thanks Sarah, I am always amazed at how interesting and how much knowledge from others and yourself goes into this course.
I was very impressed by the whole meeting, content and subject matter, the way the course was run, was stimulating and I have come away feeling way more confident and have gained so much knowledge
Sarah is an excellent trainer and knows her lungs! She is always ready to answer the most obscure questions thrown at her. Great trainer and teacher! Definitely feel more confident with doing spirometry and interpreting results.
Thoroughly enjoyed learning experience though with a greater understanding of pertinent Spirometry knowledge and skills necessary to perform workplace expectations. Thanks Sarah for being a great host and very knowledgeable.